Non-Destructive Digging & Excavation

Non-Destructive Digging & Excavation

Riverina Cable Locating has a fleet of Hydro Vac trucks ranging from 1000L to 8000L, ensuring we meet your expectations and project requirements.

Hydro excavation is a non-mechanical and non-destructive digging excavation process that simultaneously excavates and evacuates soil using pressurised water and an industrial-strength vacuum.

It is the safest solution to pothole and expose underground utilities such as; telecommunication services, electricity cables, gas lines, water lines and even tree roots!

This eliminates any costly damage, breakages and accidents caused by manual or mechanical digging methods and results in safe, quick, accurate digging that needs less backfill, labour and restoration.

Non-destructive digging is also perfectly suited to excavate holes for footings, trenches and pits or any new infrastructure; providing a safer alternative to an auger. This material can be disposed of on-site or transported to a licensed waste facility.

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