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About Us

Here at Riverina Cable Locating, we are fully qualified and knowledgeable in our field and operate under accredited quality, safety and environmental policies and procedures, ensuring our customers receive the utmost professional service; whether that be domestic or commercial.

Before any excavation it is essential to find out exactly what lies beneath the surface. Primarily, this is a safety concern but the results will also determine what type of digging methods to employ in order to excavate and preserve the existing utilities. We provide underground cable and pipe location in Wagga and surrounding locations, using the latest electronic utility location service equipment. The sourced information is passed on to our clients who can use it as records management, excavation planning, works projects preparations or infrastructure development.

Knowledge of existing underground assets assists with hydro excavation; a range of nozzle choices are available that are designed for high pressure jetting based on the material that’s being excavated. Accurate knowledge of underground utilities allows for careful preservation through precise excavation. Our variety of vehicles with small and large debris capacity allows us to safely trench and excavate around established infrastructures such as copper and fibre-optic cables and underground pipes.

We are the best at what we do!

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